Kitchens - Interior Joinery - Bathrooms

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You can design kitchens in any number of styles to fit any given space. Sandy’s passion is to create your kitchen.

The one you see in your mind when you close your eyes at night or maybe the one you have found in the many magazines you have perused.

Looking for some kitchen design inspiration? You have come to the right place. Working together as a team Sandy will take your ideas and add some of her own to make those ideas even more amazing.

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Bathrooms and Ensuites, what are they becoming ?

More and more our bathrooms and ensuites are becoming the hideaway retreat from the business of the rest of the home, or the escape from the madness of our working week.

What does your bathroom need to be? A functional space for a busy family, or a retreat where you can relax and unwind in a sea of bubbles and beautiful candles.

Sandy loves creating you, your own private retreat or a maybe practical space that has to cater for ALL the family.

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Interior JOINERY

Interior Joinery is an extension of the kitchen or bathroom.

Extending joiner into other spaces of your home.

Creating divisions between spaces or walls of joinery for books.

Creating a picture that reflects you and your family that goes beyond the kitchen or bathroom spaces.

Having a wonderful flow right throughout.

A space that reflects your personality - it's like the smell of your favourite perfume all around the house - it defines you!

Sandy loves to sit down and find out who you are and then reflect that throughout. Creating different spaces for different uses and members of the family but that all flow together.