More and more, kitchens, bathrooms and your home’s interior design are becoming reflections of your personality and style. If you’re thinking of building a new home in Christchurch, or giving your kitchen or bathroom a new look, Sandy Eagle can help you get the process started.


1) Free Consultation

What would you like your new home to look like? When choosing a kitchen and bathroom designer, it’s vital you find someone who understands your vision and what you’re trying to create.

Your first meeting with Sandy Eagle is a free, no obligations consultation to talk about your ideas. It’s Sandy’s opportunity to ask questions and listen carefully so she can visualise your new home the way you see it.

Sandy will come out to your home to discuss your existing kitchen or bathroom, take measurements or proposed Christchurch building site or you can meet at her home design studio and carefully go over your building plans.

If you feel like Sandy understands you and what you’d like to achieve, you can take it to the next step by commissioning a design concept.


2) First Design Concept

From here the first design concepts start to take shape. Sandy corilates all the information she has gathered and then creates your new design in 3D in a CAD program. While most kitchen or bathroom designers will draw up detailed plans of the room they’re creating, Sandy understands these rooms don’t exist on their own. It’s important for Sandy that you can see how your new kitchen or bathroom will interact with the rest of your house, so she’ll create a 3D plan of the whole area. For example, instead of just looking at the design ideas for your new kitchen, you will also be able to experience how your kitchen will look from your living area.


3) Design Changes

Of course you will have an opportunity to give your feedback once you have seen the 3D plans. Fine tuning the designs and taking a deeper look into how each individual piece functions with the whole design. Making sure that Sandy has interpreted your ideas and also how you work in your space correctly. Perhaps expanding on the ideas that Sandy has come up with. Maybe you need to make a couple of tweaks so everything is ‘just right.’

Sandy Eagles’s goal is for you to completely fall in love with your new kitchen or bathroom. It might involve brainstorming and asking more questions, but she will work with you to create the dream plans for your design.

As Sandy says " you only get one chance to get it right - so it has to be right"


4) Final Plan

Once the plans are finalised, you will receive a fully itemised quote and working drawings and specifications for your kitchen, bathroom, ensuite or interior design concepts. After many years working within the building and construction industry, Sandy can partner with your builder or architect to incorporate your plans for your dream kitchen or bathroom into your home. Sandy will always be your advocate, and will happily work alongside your builder and architect to make your dreams happen.


5) Construction

Do you have a builder or decorator already picked out? Perhaps you need some help finding the right people to realise your vision. Sandy can work with your tradies, or recommend her trusted contractors and oversee the project herself. Just let her know how involved you would like her to be to help your builders, joiners, painters, plumbers, electricians and decorators stay true to your vision.

Your next step is walking into your new space in your home, and falling in love.