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Much more than just making a room “look nice,” your home’s interior design should take into account how you will use each room, and how those rooms interact with each other.

What does that mean exactly? As your interior designer, Sandy Eagle will sit down with you, liason with your builder or architect at the beginning of your building or renovation project. By getting to know you, your household, and your unique lifestyle, she can gather an overall picture so together you create a home that matches your distinct personality.


bringing it together

Does the flow of your house plan make sense? Are the areas you’ll use most getting enough attention? Is there enough lighting in each room, and are you using the right kind of lights to create the proper ambience?

How do you want people to feel and act when they walk around your home? Your interior design is one of the biggest factors for influencing mood and atmosphere.


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As Kiwis, we love to bring our own flavour and style into our home. We love to have more than a simple, standardised interior. While your builder is focussing on how to build your home, Sandy Eagle can help you express who you are on the inside.

Great interior design is also about potentially taking risks, but also knowing how to manage them. If you want to make a bold statement, Sandy Eagle will never tell you ‘It can’t be done.’ Instead, she’ll  explore your vision, making adjustments here and there if necessary, making sure that it works and you’re 100 percent happy with the way it looks.



There is no substitute for experience. When working on remodelling or major renovation projects, Sandy has wonderful vision and can work with your Architect and builders to create your new exciting space. As a member of the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Sandy Eagle knows how to incorporate your vision with your home’s original plan so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.



Building a new home is like working with a blank canvas. It’s much easier to design and create the home of your dreams before someone else has drawn all over it. By bringing in Sandy Eagle as your interior designer from the very beginning, she can work with your builder or architect to make sure your unique flavour and personality can be felt through every inch of your home.


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Are you thinking of building or renovating? Sandy Eagle is based in Christchurch she designs kitchens, bathrooms and interiors for homes and developers around Canterbury and the South Island. To find out more or to discuss your new project and interior ideas, contact Sandy for a free, no-obligations consult.