“I don’t want my teenage daughters using my bathroom!"

Sound familiar? This family wanted to design and build a brand new Christchurch home that could cope with the realities of living with three teenage daughters.


space to relax

Bathrooms are fast becoming more than a space to prepare to face the day. They’re turning into luxury personal areas designed to help us relax, unwind, and shut away the worries of the world for a couple of hours. This is why the parents wanted a main bathroom all three girls could easily use, so they didn’t have to resort to the ensuite off the master bedroom.

“Thankfully they were referred to me while in the early stages of designing their home,” says Sandy. “I was able to use the information they gave me about how they wanted their bathrooms to look, feel, and be used, and make some adjustments to the architect’s plans.”


CREATING the design

There is no substitute for experience. Because Sandy has spent over 15 years working in Canterbury’s building and renovating industries, she knew what was needed to make their dream ensuite possible. How to keep the three daughters out.

Sandy took the large area set aside for the main bathroom, and added some dividing walls to create three separate spaces within the one room. It meant sneaking a few millimeters from a couple of bedrooms, while the plans were being finalised, but this way anyone could use the toilet, the shower, or the vanity, while each enjoying their privacy.


practical and beautiful

It was vital that these bathrooms have all the modern luxuries and comforts, while also withstanding the practicalities of everyday life. The single basin on the floating vanity leaves plenty of counter space for the essentials, whether you’re preparing to face the day or head out in the evening.

Installing black painted glass ( like a kitchen splash back ) on vanity tops means cleaning make-up spills is a breeze. The painted glass also protects the vanity from hair-straighteners and other hot appliances, while the long mirror along the length of the wall means no-one has to fight for their reflection.

The master bedroom ensuite is a reflection of the main bathroom. Same style, same floating vanity and walk-in glass showers, only this one is large enough for two.


smarter design

For this family, it wasn’t enough simply to have a large master bathroom. Because Sandy took the time to understand where this family was coming from, understand their situation and their vision, she was able to redesign the space so it worked for everyone. The daughters get a smart bathroom that can accommodate all their needs, without creating an overflow into their parent’s ensuite.


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